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We’re constantly on the lookout. We know where to look. We know what to look for.

There are fund managers in Australia who we believe can outperform their market benchmarks. By investing with these managers, our Affluence funds have exposure to many different asset classes, investment strategies and styles. A lot of these fund managers are relatively unknown, have high minimum investment amounts or are closed to new clients.

We’re often asked which funds we love the most. The truth is, it can change from time to time. Managers can have good and bad periods, as can the assets they invest in. But at the core of all our Affluence fund portfolios are a stable of long-term quality managers that rarely change.

Below, we’ve outlined a few, in no particular order. Each of our Affluence funds invests with a wide range of exceptional managers like these.

Phoenix Opportunities Fund (Unlisted Fund)

Some of the best returns over the long term can be made from a portfolio of small and micro-cap ASX listed stocks. There are many reasons why we like this sector, but the biggest are that you can find companies that are underappreciated, under researched and undervalued much more easily if you know what you’re doing. The team at Phoenix portfolios certainly know what they’re doing.

They are exceptional managers, with a value focus. We have known them for many years and remain enormously impressed with their process and performance. The combination of outperformance with lower downside volatility is rare in this space. And they’ve delivered very impressive long-term returns.

The Phoenix Opportunities Fund is closed to new investors. We are fortunate that we have secured an ongoing investment with this manager.

Packer Investigator Trust (Unlisted Fund)

This fund can own Australian and global shares, bonds, cash and various other types of assets, with very few investment limits. Their objective is to grow wealth over the medium to long term by more than the ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index.

Over the past 20 years, the managers’ asset allocation has changed dramatically, from being fully invested in Australian equities, to almost entirely bonds and cash, and more recently in global equities. The most impressive part of the historical performance for this manager is their ability to identify inflection points. Both the 2000 tech wreck and 2008/2009 GFC decimated equity markets across the globe. However, leading into both meltdowns, Packer sold the vast majority of his equity holdings and moved into cash and bonds. He didn’t just reduce the market falls. He ended each of those calendar years with positive returns. More recently, he also managed to sidestep the steep market correction in March of 2020.

This fund has a relatively high minimum investment amount, making it difficult to access for many people.

Future Generation Limited (Listed Investment Company ASX code: FGX)

We call this LIC our “desert island stock” (if you had to live on a desert island for the next 10 years and could only invest in one stock, what would it be?). FGX has consistently been one of the largest holdings in our Affluence LIC Fund. It was established in September 2014 with the dual purpose of an investment vehicle and providing funding to charities supporting children and youth at risk. It is a fund of funds in Australian equities, and currently invests with 20 managers who have all agreed to charge no fees. Instead, the LIC makes a 1% per annum annual donation which is distributed to a range of charities.

The underlying managers are of exceptional quality, in our view. Many of their funds are closed to new investors or have high initial application limits, putting them out of the reach of most. By investing through FGX, we are paying no fee with the dual benefit of knowing that instead, 1% per annum is being donated to charitable causes.

Before you invest, read this!

We encourage you to do your research before making any investment. Remember, a great manager is only part of the story. We also like to make sure they’re trading at the right price and that the assets they hold are not themselves overvalued. In the end, it’s up to you to make the decision that’s right for you, in conjunction with your financial advisor if you have one.

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All the best with your investing.

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