Why Should You Invest With Us?

  • We screen over 10,000 investment opportunities to find the top 1%.
  • The portfolio is vastly diversified across different asset classes, managers and investment styles.
  • We invest with patience and a long-term focus.
  • We only get paid if we deliver you a positive return.
  • We invest in the Fund alongside you.

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The Best Fund Managers, All Asset Classes. The Affluence Investment Fund.


Our Investment Philosophy

We seek only the best investment managers. We invest with them in a way which we believe balances maximum returns with low volatility. The Funds’ investment philosophy is designed around our core investment values:

  • To achieve better results than average results, you must invest differently.
  • Value investing can deliver excellent long-term returns.
  • Investing in markets where there is less competition makes it easier to achieve above-average results.
  • Being aware of long-term cycles and seeking to time investments can significantly improve performance.
  • A focus on lowering volatility of returns through diversification provides comfort to investors.
  • Long-term success requires a long-term focus, which in turn requires patience and discipline.

Our Investment Process
We seek to deliver exceptional results by choosing attractively priced investments overseen by quality managers. We use a number of processes to identify potential investments, including quantitative screens for investments which meet historical performance, volatility and other targeted criteria. We make use of data from a number of external researchers and information sources to assist in this process. We will not sacrifice our risk/return aims just to achieve diversification. If an investment is assessed as not being able to deliver our long term return target, it is not considered for inclusion, regardless of other qualities. In assessing suitable investments, we place particular emphasis on 3 key areas:

  • The historical performance of the investment and the manager.
  • Whether the investment manager operates in the right environment.
  • The investment managers personal investment style.

Why is the Affluence Investment Fund better?

We aim to maximise returns by choosing the best investments with the best managers
and buying at the right time. We aim to lower risk through diversification.

We dare to be different where it makes sense to do so

We focus on making long-term investments that deliver long-term results

We co-invest with you and charge fees only when the Fund performs

We only choose our investments from the top 1% of fund managers

Benefits of investing with Affluence

Free access to all website content including the Fund portfolio, for life

Priority notification and allocation on all future investment opportunities

Regular reporting sent to your inbox, as soon as it’s readily available

Ability to have direct contact and communication with the CEO & Portfolio Managers

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What makes the Affluence Investment Fund different?

Traditional Fund ManagersAffluence – Invest Differently
Follow The Herd: Traditional managers are too scared to fail, so they don’t succeed. Most don’t outperform the indexActively Pursue Out-performance: From our fee structure alignment to our investment methodology, our strategy targets positive returns and low volatility.
Restricted Product Selection: Commonly places clients into their own managed funds or choose from a restricted list of ‘approved’ funds.Best Of Breed: We will seek the best fund managers, and combine them in a way which cushions against equity market corrections.
Traditional Asset Classes: Manage large amounts in traditional asset classes (e.g. ASX200 equities), which minimises chances of excess performance.Unique Strategies: We prefer managers who operate in specialised markets with less funds under management and a competitive advantage.
High, Fixed Fees: Take fees regardless of performance.No Fixed Fees: Our fees are 100% performance bases.
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