The Affluence Guide to
Fixed Income Investing

This Australian fixed income guide will help you gain an understanding of:

  • Fixed income as an investment
  • The different fixed income investment options
  • The benefits of including some fixed income in your portfolio
  • How to access fixed income investments

This guide summaries fixed income in less than 20 pages for you.

Fixed Income is back

After years of low interest rates, central banks have dramatically increased interest rates to fight against inflation.

This has increased the yield available from fixed income and made the asset class much more attractive to investors. Fixed income assets now have the potential to deliver equity like returns with more regular income and lower risk.

Fixed income incorporates a wide variety of investments

Fixed income may hold some or all of the following types of investments:


Government Bonds


Bank Bonds and hybrids

Real Estate Agreement

Real Estate Debt

Corporate Agreement

Private Credit Loans

Why Invest in Fixed Income

This fixed income guide will show you why you should invest in fixed income.
Most investors have significant allocations to Fixed Income in their portfolios.

Some of the benefits of fixed income include:


Capital Stability

Fixed income investment are contractually obligated to be repaid by the borrower.

Regular Income

Regular Income

Fixed income can provide consistent returns above lower risk assets such as term deposits.


A Range of Opportunities

Choose from a wide variety of fixed income investments to match your risk and return goals.

Generate a reliable cash flow
while protecting your wealth

Many investors seek opportunities that target capital stability, while generating a steady income. Returns from cash and term deposits can be inadequate. The value of stocks and property can fluctuate widely. An increasing number of investors are choosing to allocate a portion of their portfolio to fixed income.

Find out why.

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