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Affluence Funds Management aims to provide you with a better investment alternative.

We believe in doing things differently. We are contrarian, value focused, and invest for the long term. We believe that exposure to quality investments across multiple asset classes, managers, geographies and strategies should be a fundamental building block of any well diversified portfolio. Our focus is on delivering superior long term investment performance for you.

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Australia’s Best Fund Managers, In One Place.

We have brought together the best fund managers across all types of investments, in a single fund.

High Quality, Vastly Diversified

An investment in the Affluence Investment Fund will see your money strategically allocated across a range of asset classes and investment types. Never before have you been able to diversify your funds so easily via such a high quality managed fund.

Asset allocation shown here is indicative only. The portfolio of the Fund can and does change regularly. Up to date information can be obtained from the latest Fund Report.

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Low Volatility, Monthly Income

The Affluence Investment Fund seeks the very best investment managers – the top 1%. We then invest with them in the way that we believe balances maximum returns with low volatility, providing the best long-term investment result.

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Our investment philosophy is based on values we have developed over 16 years.

Value Investments

We look to unearth the best opportunities across all markets.

Quality Managers

We aim to identify the top tier of investment managers.

Low Volatility

We seek to reduce volatility through appropriate diversification.

Real Return Focus

We target returns of inflation +5% over the long term.

“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Affluence arms you with timely articles and investment ideas to help ensure you better understand the environment in which we operate and how we seek to outperform.

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