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Affluence Investment Fund Jan 21 RG240

Affluence Investment Fund Jul 21 RG240 Report

The Affluence Investment Fund Jul 21 RG240 report is now available. All statistics and amounts …
Affluence Investment Fund Jan 21 RG240

Affluence LIC Fund RG240 Report

This report provides an update on the Affluence LIC Fund RG240 benchmarks. Click here to …
Affluence Investment Fund Webinar

2021 Investor Letter

In our 2021 investor letter, we reflect on performance, portfolio positioning, opportunities and what to expect in the current environment.
End of financial year

2021 Financial Year Information

Below is the June 2021 financial year distribution and tax information for each of our …
Karara market neutral fund

Assessing whether LIC managers add value

We’ve previously written about how the 14-month period from 31 January 2020 to 31 March …

Fund Manager Profiles

Daryl Wilson
Daryl Wilson
CEO / Director / Portfolio Manager

Daryl founded Affluence in 2015 and is co-manager of all investment portfolios. He has experience across all aspects of funds management including investment, operations and capital raising.

Greg Lander
Greg Lander
Portfolio Manager

Greg is co-manager of all Affluence investment portfolios. His experience includes analysing new investment opportunities, asset allocation, performance reporting and portfolio management.

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