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Are you looking to invest in the best LICs in Australia? The Affluence Listed Investment Company Guide can help you learn more about LICs.

A Listed Investment Company or LIC is a specialised type of company that pools together shareholders’ f犀利士
unds and invests them under an approved investment strategy. LICs are listed and traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Through LICs you can now gain exposure to Australian and International Shares, as well as several other asset classes.

Many LICs are run by exceptional managers, using differentiated investment strategies that can help to diversify your investment portfolio. If you’re not considering holding some LICs in your investment portfolio, you’re potentially missing out on some of the best investment managers Australia has to offer.

Our Listed Investment Company Guide shows you what we look for

Our Affluence LIC Fund invests only in LICs. We focus on finding some of the best long-term performers in the LIC space in Australia and combine them with LICs trading at discounts to their underlying value. Our guide contains hints on how we do it, what we looked for, and what we ignore. By downloading the Affluence Listed Investment Company Guide, you can learn:

  • How LICs work and how they generate returns
  • Key differences between LICs and other types of investments
  • How to use LICs to diversify your portfolio
  • The two key criteria we use to find the best LICs in Australia
  • The 5 most important things to consider when looking at LICs
  • Why size and liquidity matters – and the key advantage you have over big fund managers
  • Why you should never buy an LIC based on its dividend yield
  • Measuring LIC performance
  • How to buy the best LICs in Australia at the right price

This guide summarises the results of hundreds of hours of our work into less than 20 pages for you.

You can download the Affluence Listed Investment Company Guide by completing the form below. You’ll need to provide us with your name and email address so we can contact you in the future. Don’t worry – we rarely send out more than a couple of emails per month. You can unsubscribe at any time. And we never provide your details to any third party marketers.

Take care and all the best with your investing endeavours.

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