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As at 30 April 24

Buy Price$1.1842
NAV Price$1.1801
Sell Price$1.1760

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Investment Objective & Strategy

The Affluence Small Company Fund aims to provide Eligible Investors with access to a portfolio of Small Companies primarily through unlisted managed funds. We define ASX Small Companies as all ASX listed equity securities outside the S&P/ASX 100 Index. The portfolio also includes an allocation to ASX listed investment companies and may have some exposure to other ASX listed securities and global companies. The Underlying Managers use a range of different investment styles and investment strategies.

The Fund aims to provide the following:

  • Access to a diversified portfolio of predominantly ASX Small Companies.
  • A total annualised return in excess of the ASX Small Ordinaries Index over rolling 5 year periods.
  • A minimum distribution yield of 5% per annum, paid quarterly.
  • Volatility of returns which is less than the ASX Small Ordinaries Index.

In this way, we seek to grow the capital value of your investment over time while also providing a regular income stream.

Prices of smaller companies can be more volatile than larger more liquid companies, particularly in market corrections. But there is also evidence that small company fund managers are more likely to outperform larger company fund managers over time. We believe this provides one of the best available opportunities for higher than average long-term returns.

The Affluence Small Company Fund’s Key Features

Diverse Small Company Portfolio

The Fund invests with a range of Small Company managers who use different investment styles and investment strategies.

Best opportunity to add value

Over time, small company fund managers have been able to deliver better returns than larger company managers.

Monthly Applications and Withdrawals

Applications and withdrawals are processed monthly.

Minimum Initial Investment

Eligible Investors can invest as little as $20,000. Start with a smaller amount and grow your investment over time.

Minimum Additional Investment

You can add to your investment from as little as $1,000.

Distribution Reinvestment

Distributions can be reinvested to compound the returns on your investment.

We Get Paid To Perform

Affluence charge no fixed fee, simply a performance fee equivalent to 12.5% of positive total returns delivered. Other expenses of the fund are as disclosed in the IM.

Regular Fund Reporting

Reports detailing the Fund’s performance, strategy and portfolio are provided monthly.

Affluence Small Company Fund Performance

To 30 April 20243 months1 Year3 Years5 Years7 YearsInceptionVolatility
Affluence Small Company Fund3.2%6.1%7.7%12.2%9.0%8.9%11.0%
ASX Small Ordinaries Index3.3%7.4%0.0%3.9%6.4%6.8%18.0%
Performance against ASX Small Ords Index(0.1%)(1.3%)7.6%8.3%2.7%2.1%

Performance is calculated using NAV unit prices, net of fees and costs (excluding the buy sell spread) and assumes distributions are reinvested. Returns of more than one year are annualised. The Fund aims to pay distributions quarterly. The Fund inception date is 21 April 2016. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

2016N/AN/AN/AN/A1.2%-1.2%4.5%2.3%1.8%-0.5%-1.5%2.1% 8.9%
20171.0%(0.4%)0.5%(2.0%)(0.3%)1.5%1.9%0.2%1.5%2.7%2.5%3.2% 12.9%
20191.3%2.4%(0.2%)1.0%(0.9%)(0.8%)4.3%(0.4%)2.9%0.5%0.8%1.6% 12.9%
20200.4%(3.5%)(16.2%)9.0%6.5%0.7%5.0%7.1%(0.2%)2.4%9.6%2.6% 22.9%
2021(0.1%)1.2%1.5%4.6%2.4%4.9%(0.9%)1.4%2.7%1.5%(0.4%)0.7% 21.0%
2022(2.4%)0.0%1.0%(0.3%)(2.5%)(4.3%)5.2%1.6%(5.0%)3.7%4.7%(1.0%) 0.0%
20232.4%0.3%(0.4%)2.0%(0.8%)1.3%0.5%(0.7%)(0.3%)(3.6%)3.5%3.7% 8.0%

Performance is calculated using NAV unit prices, net of fees and costs (excluding the buy sell spread) and assumes distributions are reinvested. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Return on $100,000 Investment

Risk Disclosure

As with all investments, the Fund is subject to risks. If these risks eventuate, they may result in a reduction in the value of your investment in the Fund and/or a reduction or cessation of distributions. Distributions are not guaranteed, nor is the return of your capital. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

It is important that you know that the value of your investment will go up and down over time, the Fund’s returns will vary over time, future returns may differ from past returns, and returns are not guaranteed. All of this means that there is always the chance that you could lose money on your investment.

As set out in the Information Memorandum for the Fund, returns of the Fund will be impacted by market cycles, particularly movements in the prices of ASX Small Companies. Other key risks include volatility and asset class concentration risk, economic and market risk, legal and regulatory risk, manager and key person risk and liquidity risk. AFM aims, where possible, to actively manage risks. However, some risks are outside our control.

Fund Documents

Fund Portfolio
Take a look at the largest holdings in the Fund, including portfolio weighting and commentary. Affluence Members Only.

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Latest Fund Report
Download the latest report, including market commentary & information on the Affluence Investment Fund performance.

Affluence Presentation
Download the latest presentation to learn about Affluence, how we invest, Fund portfolios and performance.

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Investor Forms
Application documents for our Funds and forms for additional investments, change of details and withdrawals.

Investor Forms

How To Invest In The
Affluence Small Company Fund


Read the IM

Before making any decision to invest, you should read and understand the Fund’s Information Memorandum (IM). You should also ensure the Fund is appropriate for your personal circumstances and financial objectives. You may wish to consult with your financial or other adviser in making this assessment.

Offers to invest in the Fund are only be available to persons who qualify as Eligible Investors. Affluence will not issue units in the Fund to a person unless it is satisfied the person is an Eligible Investor. If you do not qualify as an Eligible Investor, you can access many other great managers across a range of asset classes and investment strategies, through the Affluence Investment Fund.

You can access the IM, invest online or download paper application forms by clicking the Invest Now button below.

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Make an

Applications are accepted monthly. The cut-off for applications is the 25th of each month, or the last business day before that date if the 25th is not a business day. Completed applications received by this date are processed as at the 1st of the next month.

To invest in the Fund, you must complete an application form. If you have not invested with Affluence previously, you will also need to provide identification information. All investors must also complete an Eligible Investor form if they have not already done so in the past two years.

Investors can complete the relevant application form attached to the IM or apply securely online through our registry services provider, Registry Direct. Applying online can be significantly easier and faster than paper-based applications and provides the option to verify or upload your identification online, reducing the need to provide certified copies of documents.

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Provide documents
and make payment

Complete an online application or send completed paper application forms (including any required Identification Documents) to us for processing.

Make payment of the application amount. Payments can be made via cheque or electronic transfer.

You will receive an acknowledgement as soon as possible after the Fund registrar receives your application documents and funds. You will receive your investment confirmation once the application has been processed. This normally occurs 7 – 10 days after the end of the month in which your application is accepted.

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Affluence Small Company Fund News & Updates

Keep up to date with the changes to the Fund’s portfolio, fundamentals and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone Invest Into The Fund?
No. Investment in the Fund is restricted to Eligible Investors. We hope to make the Fund available to all investors in the future. If you are not currently eligible, you can still sign up here to become an Affluence Member. You will receive articles and our best investment ideas. In addition, Affluence Members will receive priority notification and an exclusive investment offer should the Affluence Small Company Fund become available to you in the future.
What’s the minimum investment amount?
The minimum initial investment amount is $20,000. You can add additional amounts later from as little as $1,000. Applications are processed monthly. Application funds awaiting processing are held in a trust account.
Can I withdraw my investment at any time?
Yes, you can lodge a withdrawal request at any time. Withdrawals are generally processed monthly and paid out within 10 business days after the end of the month, although we reserve the right to process these less frequently in exceptional circumstances.
Does the Fund target a certain level of distributions
The Fund aims to provide you with a minimum distribution yield of 5% per annum, paid quarterly. Generally, distributions will consist of a share of the income and franking credits the Fund receives during the year from its investments, plus any taxable capital gains from sales of investments, less costs (including our performance fees).
When do distributions get paid?
Distributions are generally paid 10 days after the end of each quarter. Distributions are paid to your nominated bank account or can be reinvested if you wish.
Are distributions franked?
Partly. The Fund distributes all franking credits received to investors at the end of the tax year. Franking credits are usually distributed in proportion to distributions paid during the year. So, if you were only an investor for part of the year, you will receive a lower proportion of franking credits than if you were invested for the full year. See here for the full distribution and franking history of the Fund.
What information will you send me after I invest?
You will receive a monthly report outlining the Fund portfolio and performance, quarterly distribution advices, annual investment statements, and an annual tax statement with details of the amounts to be included in your tax return.
What fees and costs will I pay?
Affluence does not charge any fixed fee for managing the Fund. Instead, we charge a performance fee of 12.5% of the Fund’s positive returns (after recovering any previous negative performance). Affluence also recovers certain costs from the Fund. These cost recoveries are generally capped at 0.25% of the net assets of the Fund per annum. Other costs are also payable. These fees and costs are not paid by you directly but are paid out of the assets of the Fund. All Fund performance numbers shown are after allowance for these fees and costs. You may also pay fees to a financial advisor or investment platform operator if you invest through them. These fees are not paid to Affluence or the Fund. Please refer to the IM for more information about fees and costs.

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Our monthly eNews includes Fund updates, investment ideas and other things we find interesting. It’s the best way for us to keep in touch, and for you to get to know us better.

And we believe it’s important that you understand how we invest before you consider putting your money to work with us.

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