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Our Affluence Managed Funds Guide shows how we look for Australia’s best fund managers.

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A Managed Investment Fund is a specialised type of trust. The fund manager pools together all investors’ funds and invests them under an agreed strategy. Most managed investment funds are unlisted.

There are over 15,000 of these funds available in Australia. Through them, you can access many different asset classes, managers and investment strategies.

Many managed funds are run by exceptional managers, using differentiated investment strategies that can help to diversify your investment portfolio. If you’re not holding any managed funds in your investment portfolio, you’re potentially missing out on some of the best investment managers Australia has to offer.

At Affluence we constantly seek to find the best managed funds available in Australia. We actively invest in these funds through the Affluence Investment Fund.

Our Managed Funds Guide shows you what we look for

Get hints on what we look for and the things that do (and don’t) matter.

By downloading the Affluence Managed Funds Guide, you can learn:

  • Why you might want to hold some managed funds in your portfolio
  • Different types of managed funds
  • How managed funds work and how they generate returns
  • Key differences between managed funds and other types of investments
  • How to use managed funds to diversify your portfolio
  • Measuring managed fund performance
  • The key criteria we use to find the best managed funds
  • Why fund size and liquidity matter
  • Some risks you might want to consider
  • The right time to buy

This guide summarises the results of hundreds of hours of our work for you, in less than 25 pages.

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