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Affluence Investment Fund

ARSN 617 680 654 I APIR Code AFX0001AU

The Affluence Investment Fund seeks to provide a
combination of regular monthly distributions and
long-term capital growth by investing with the best
boutique investment managers in Australia.

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Strong Investment Performance

Access over 30 of the best investment managers in Australia

The fund offers you:

A target distribution yield of 5% per annum, paid monthly1.

The Fund aims to reduce the impact of falling asset prices.

Investments across a wide range of asset classes, investment strategies and styles.

Affluence only charge fees when the Fund delivers positive returns2.

Asset Allocation as at 30 April 2018

Excellent Fund Performance

Affluence Investment Fund Performance

To 31 May 20221 month1 year3 years5 years7 yearsInceptionVolatility
Income Distributions0.5%5.8%6.5%6.5%6.3%6.5%
Capital Growth(1.5%)(2.1%)2.5%1.0%1.7%1.7%
Total Return(1.0%)3.7%9.0%7.5%8.0%8.2%5.7%
Benchmark - Inflation + 5%0.7%10.5%8.1%7.6%7.4%7.3%
Outperformance against Benchmark(1.7%)(6.8%)0.9%(0.1%)0.6%0.9%
* Total returns are net of fees and costs (excluding buy-sell spread) using the mid-prices and assume the reinvestment of distributions. Returns of more than 1 year are annualised. Inception date is 28 November 2014. The Fund aims to pay distributions of approximately 5% pa paid monthly. At times distributions may be paid above or below this.

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