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Affluence LIC Fund Report June 2019

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To view the Affluence LIC Fund Report June 2019 in pdf format, click here.

The Affluence LIC Fund provides access to a diversified investment portfolio of ASX Listed Investment Companies (LICs) selected by Affluence. We aim to outperform the ASX200 Accumulation Index over rolling three year periods, with less volatility than the stock market. The Fund provides exposure to a broad range of underlying investment styles, investment strategies, and geographies.

Affluence LIC Fund Report Summary

The Affluence LIC Fund decreased by 0.8% in June, while the ASX 200 Index increased by 3.7%.

Returns since inception for the Fund are 8.5% per annum, compared to the ASX 200 Index of 12.4% per annum. These returns have been delivered with approximately half of the volatility of
the ASX200 index.

The Fund’s most significant positive contributors in June were Bailador Technology (BTI) up 7%, Blue Sky Alternatives Fund (BAF) up 5%, and Thorney Technologies Limited (TEK) up 6%.

The strong performers were offset by the biggest negative contributors. These included Spheria Emerging Companies (SEC) down 6%, and Tribeca Global Natural Resources (TGF) down 9%.

At the end of June, the Fund held investments in 32 Listed Investment Companies representing 93% of the Fund. The balance of 7% was cash.

The Affluence LIC Fund is open to wholesale and sophisticated investors. If you qualify as a wholesale/sophisticated investor and are interested in the Fund, contact us or visit the website to find out more. The cut-off for this month’s applications is 31st July. Units will be issued effective 1st August.

Alternatively, you can gain access through our Affluence Investment Fund, which currently invests around 15% of its portfolio in the Affluence LIC Fund.  

Learn more

If you are interested in investing in the Affluence LIC Fund, and you qualify as a Wholesale or Sophisticated investor, please let us know. We will place you on the waiting list for when we open it again in the future. If you do not qualify as a Wholesale or Sophisticated investor, you can still gain access through our Affluence Investment Fund, which currently invests around 15% of its portfolio in the Affluence LIC Fund. Existing investors can add to their investment or withdraw from the Affluence LIC Fund monthly.

Visit the Affluence LIC Fund page.

See the Affluence LIC Fund Portfolio here (you must be an Affluence Member to view)

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