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Affluence LIC Fund Update – May 2017

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To view the full Affluence LIC Fund Update – May 2017 in pdf format, click here.

The ASX 200 Accumulation Index decreased by 2.8% in May, with a particular decline in bank stocks. Against this decline, we are happy to report that the Affluence LIC Fund continued its winning run with no negative months since inception. The Fund returned 0.3% for May, resulting in a 1 year return of 13.2% versus 11.1% for the ASX 200.

On 1 June, we issued an Information Memorandum for the Fund. For a limited period to 30 June 2017, we will accept new applications from Wholesale and Sophisticated investors. After that time, new investors will only able to invest in the Fund for limited periods of time. Existing Investors can add to their investment or withdraw from the Fund monthly. If you do not qualify
as a Wholesale or Sophisticated investor, you can gain access through our Affluence Investment Fund, which currently invests around 20% of its portfolio in the Affluence LIC Fund.


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