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We believe that smaller companies can provide higher returns over time than the ASX 200 index. Investing in smaller companies through different managers, investment strategies and structures can help to reduce risk.

The Fund provides you access to a diversified portfolio of small companies via unlisted managed funds selected by Affluence.


Report Summary

The ASX Small Ordinaries Index increased by 0.9% during the month. The Affluence Small Company Fund decreased by 0.8% in June 2019. The Fund has returned 2.8% per annum since inception in April 2016.

The Fund has underperformed its benchmark (ASX Small Ordinaries) since inception. However, it has delivered those returns with lower volatility than the ASX Small Ordinaries.

Our best performing funds this month were the Wentworth Williamson Fund (up 3.6%) and the Phoenix Opportunities Fund (up 0.7%). The biggest detractor was the Microequities Deep Value Fund.

At the end of the month, the Affluence Small Company Fund held investments in 7 unlisted funds (including the Affluence LIC Fund) representing 96% of the total portfolio. The balance 4% was cash.

The Affluence Small Company Fund is now open. We held off opening the Fund for quite some time. We wanted to wait until we felt conditions were appropriate. It feels like now is the right time. We see pockets of extraordinary value in some areas. We are also confident that all the managers we have or plan to invest with have the potential to outperform substantially over the long term.

The cut-off for this month’s applications is 25th July. Units will be issued effective 1st August.


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