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What Affluence looks for in a great investment opportunity

Affluence continuously screens managed funds and other investment opportunities to unearth, analyse and invest in the best investment options throughout Australia. Our primary focus is on long-term performance and the ability for each fund manager we invest with to provide better returns and lower than average volatility.

We undertake due diligence on each Fund Manager before we invest, to ensure they meet our criteria and to maintain comfort they can continue to deliver outstanding results.


What Affluence avoids

Because Affluence’s investment philosophy has been developed over a long period of time, we have screened thousands of investment options available to Australian investors. We eliminate over 90% almost immediately through a series of quality screens designed to avoid underperformers.

We tend to stay away from investment opportunities that:

  • Have abnormally high fixed management fees and costs, without a great track record to match
  • Charge an active management fee but in reality hold a portfolio which very closely follows the index they invest in.
  • Require substantial borrowing to achieve an acceptable return
  • Have been serial underperformers, after fees and costs
  • Invest in assets we do not believe will produce an acceptable long term return in the future
  • Are likely to produce higher volatility, or result in unacceptably high risk, particularly during periods of negative stock market returns

This approach doesn’t guarantee great returns, but we believe it gives us a much better chance of achieving a better investment outcome.

The Result

The result of our work is the Affluence Investment Fund. The Fund aims to invest only with the top 1% of investment managers. This means reducing over 10,000 investment opportunities available in Australia to a short list of less than 100. From this, we construct a portfolio of 15-25 investments.

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Why is the Affluence Investment Fund better?

We aim to maximise returns and minimise risk.

We dare to be different where it makes sense to do so

We focus on investing for the long-term

We co-invest with you and charge fees only when the Fund performs

We only choose our investments from the top 1% of fund managers

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