How We Unearth The Best Investment Options

Affluence has been developing its core investment philosophy for over 16 years. During that time we realised two things. One – there are some absolutely brilliant investment managers out there. And two – most investors are not even aware they exist.

Typically an investor, or their advisor, invests in companies or funds they have heard of – or have always been with. The problem with that approach is that it usually delivers results that are average – or worse!

At Affluence we look much wider. Many of Australia’s best fund managers are hard to find. Quite often, they are managing relatively small amounts of money. They are investing in a specialist area where they are much more likely to be able to beat the average. They might only make themselves available to investors with large amounts of money. They invest their own money alongside that of their clients. And most importantly, they have delivered above average returns, with below average risk, over long periods of time. At Affluence, these are the managers we seek.


Why We Invest In These Investment Options

Most investors are not receiving a fair return for the risk they take. The average returns from balanced super funds over the past 15 years have been just over 6% per annum (1). And that’s before any costs you might incur for professional advice, administration or other professional fees. We believe that’s not good enough. Our work has convinced us that better returns are available if you invest differently. We aim to invest with fund managers that have not only outperformed the market, but also their competitors. Usually, the reason they have done so well is because they are doing something different. Something that gives them a competitive advantage. Or because they are provided with sufficient flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.

These managers may not have offices in the top floor of the best buildings, or huge marketing budgets – in fact they usually don’t. But they are made of the right stuff to be part of a diversified portfolio that is focused on both excellent returns and lowering risk. And they are qualified to manage your hard-earned money.

1 Source: Chant West data for 15 years to May 2015.

The Affluence Investment Fund

From over 10,000 managed funds and other investments available in Australia, we select less than 100. Those we assess to be the best of the best. The top 1%. These managers, between them, invest in stocks, bonds, property, commodities and many other asset classes in Australia and across the globe.

Then we go further. We look at each in detail. Their track record. Their investment style. Their personal biases and values. Less than 25 make the final cut. We combine them together in a single fund. The Affluence Investment Fund.

Becoming an investor in the Affluence Fund can give you access to Australia’s best fund managers across all asset classes and investment types.

But there is a catch. We are looking for patient investors who are focussed on long term returns, not the latest investing fad.

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