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Why we sometimes like the worst performing funds

If I told you that your best chance of finding an investment fund that is …
best performing managed funds

The best investment ideas and education

At Affluence we read a lot. It’s a big part of the job. For us, investment fund manager education never stops.
LIC Sector Opportunities

LIC Sector Opportunities

The LIC sector is a fascinating market to operate in. Sometimes IPOs are well supported …
What is a buy sell spread?

What is a buy sell spread?

Most managed funds have a buy sell spread cost. But what is it, and how …

Affluence Investment Fund 2018 Review

Affluence Investment Fund 2018 Review What a difference 12 months makes! At the end of …

Fund Manager Profiles

Daryl Wilson
CEO / Director / Portfolio Manager

Daryl founded Affluence in 2015 and is co-manager of all investment portfolios. He has experience across all aspects of funds management including investment, operations and capital raising.

Greg Lander
Portfolio Manager

Greg is co-manager of all Affluence investment portfolios. His experience includes analysing new investment opportunities, asset allocation, performance reporting and portfolio management.

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