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Following on from our recent Fin-Tech App/Service reviews on Acorns Investment App, Sharesight and Simply Wall Street, I have recently spent some time using the OnMarket Bookbuilds iPhone investment app and web platform.

Who said you need millions of dollars of investible assets and a Financial Adviser to get access to some of Australia’s newest companies? Previously, the only way for an investor to invest in new initial public offerings (IPOs) was to be a client of one of the investment banks that is part of the IPO syndicate. While this meant that clients of these investment firms had a greater chance of being allocated their bid for new shares, most retail investors who were interested in being part of the IPO were never given the chance to invest.

OnMarket Bookbuilds have built the world’s first free-access portal into capital raising. This means that retail investors from around Australia can access shares in a vast range of IPOs, big and small. The web platform and phone investment app was created by ex-Capital Market professionals that went out on their own to create a highly functional, easy to use and quite addictive service. Upon signing up/opening an account with OnMarket you can download the phone investment app and instantly browse through multiple IPO deals at the swipe of a finger.

Not only can you access shares in some of Australia’s biggest IPO opportunities, previously only available to high net-worth clients through their Adviser, the average retail investor can also invest in some never-before heard of opportunities. When you first click through to an opportunity, you are presented with all the information necessary to make an investment. This information includes:

  • Offer statistics
  • Company overview
  • A copy of the offer prospectus
  • Company presentation
  • Market commentary
  • Media articles

With a click of the mouse you can scroll through all the information you need, download an Offer document and bid for shares. Even on the phone app you can bid for shares in an opportunity! Talk about easy access to unique financial products and opportunities… Not only do you have a lot of information at your fingertips, you can set up your phone to receive ‘push’ notifications when a new opportunity goes live, when an existing opportunity is about to close and of course on the status of your bid.

What do I particularly like about OnMarket investment app:

  1. It gives all Australian investors the chance to invest in unique opportunities that has never-before been available to the majority
  2. The technology they have developed is straight-forward, highly functional and incredibly well designed
  3. Very easy account opening and account management setup plus the ability to bid for shares at the click of a mouse
  4. Being notified instantly of new deals/opportunities, without being at your desk or computer
  5. You can invest with very small minimums (usually $2,000 and up).

You can check out their website to browse some of the opportunities currently available. As always, your financial situation and objectives are personal to you and you must assess the offers yourself or with your Financial Advisor if you have one..

Good luck.

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