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Investing Philosophy

Our philosophy centres around a few core key themes:

How We Find The Best

Affluence continuously screens potential investment opportunities to unearth the best investment funds and managers available in Australia. We want to ensure that each fund manager we invest with can provide the best returns with lower than average volatility over the long-term.

We have a number of key criteria we look for when assessing potential managers and funds.

Not every manager meets all of these criteria, but they are features common to many of the best managers and funds we have reviewed.


What It Means For You

Affluence aims to invest only with the top 1% of investment managers. We cast the net very wide – looking across both listed and unlisted funds, those available to everybody and those available only to a select few. Our process reduces over 10,000 investment opportunities available in Australia to a short list of less than 100. From this, we construct a portfolio of 20-35 investments. We invest in this portfolio through the Affluence Investment Fund.

Being an Affluence member entitles you to view the portfolio and receive information on the funds and the managers we invest with as well as regular educational content. This allows our members and investors to better understand our strategy and the funds and managers we invest in.

In addition, investors can invest in the Affluence Investment Fund with as little as $20,000 and own a share of all the investments the Fund makes.

Why We Are Different

We aim to invest differently to deliver above average results

We dare to be different where it makes sense to do so

We focus on making long-term investments that deliver long-term results

We co-invest with you and charge fees only when the Fund performs

We only choose our investments from the top 1% of fund managers