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About Us

Affluence Funds Management is a boutique investment firm that specialises in providing investors with a high quality, vastly diversified portfolio, all in a single fund.

The affluence business was formed to provide investors with a better investment solution.

About Our Fund

The Affluence Investment Fund is a highly diversified fund of funds that researches and invests with the top 1% of fund managers in all asset classes and investment types.

The Fund seeks to provide a combination of monthly income and long-term capital growth.

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We hope you find the Affluence LIC Guide useful and we want to hear your feedback. Please get in touch:

Phone: 1300 233 583
E-mail: [email protected]


About Affluence

Affluence Funds Management was founded in 2015 by Daryl Wilson. Our focus is on delivering superior long-term investment performance and in providing quality education and investment ideas for our members. At Affluence, we believe in doing things differently. We are contrarian, value focused, and invest for the long term. We aim to offer our investors only the very best quality investments from the top 1% of fund managers. We are patient investors. We focus not only on finding the best investments, but on being aware of market cycles and on diversifying investments across all types of assets in our search for consistent, positive long term returns.

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