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Affluence LIC Fund Update – June 2017

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To view the full Affluence LIC Fund Update – June 2017 in pdf format, click here.

We are very pleased with the response we had to opening the Affluence LIC Fund in June. Thank you to the new investors, and those existing Affluence Fund investors who decided to invest in this Fund as well.

The ASX 200 Accumulation Index increased by 0.2% in June. The Affluence LIC Fund had a strong month and returned 1.3%, resulting in an increase for FY17 of 14.5% versus 14.1% for the ASX 200. Even more pleasingly, June marked the 14th month since inception with no negative performance.

At the end of June, the Fund held investments in 27 Listed Investment Companies representing 95% of the Fund, 4% in cash, and 1% in LIC options which can provide potential upside if markets rally strongly from here. We also held a small number of index put options which may contribute positively if markets fall substantially over the next few months.

The Fund is now closed to new investors. Existing Investors can add to their investment or withdraw from the Fund monthly. If you qualify as a Wholesale or Sophisticated investor and are interested in the Affluence LIC Fund, please let us know and we will place you on the waiting list if we open it again in the future. If you do not qualify as a Wholesale or Sophisticated investor, you can gain access through our Affluence Investment Fund, which currently invests around 20% of its portfolio in the Affluence LIC Fund.

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