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Affluence Small Company Fund June 2017

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To view the full Affluence Small Company Fund June 2017 report in pdf format, click here.


Report Summary

The Australian market increased in June, with the ASX Small Ordinaries increasing by 2.0% for the month. The Affluence Small Company Fund had a good month and increased by 1.5%. The Fund has returned 7.8% per annum since inception. The Fund has outperformed its benchmark (ASX Small Ordinaries) over 12 months but is slightly behind since inception.

In July, a 2017 financial year distribution of 1.4 cents was paid.

Our best performing investments this month were the Microequities Deep Value Fund (up 4.2%), and the Wentworth Williamson Fund (up 4.0%). During June we sold the majority of LICs in order to invest in the Affluence LIC Fund. We believe this will produce superior risk adjusted returns going forward.

At the end of the month, the Affluence Small Company Fund held investments in 5 unlisted funds (including the Affluence LIC Fund) representing 86% of the total portfolio. The balance was in 2 LICs accounting for 6% of the total portfolio, and 5% cash.


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